Exciting new cards!

New Card Designs

Lovingly hand-finished with sparkling Swarovski crystals, these chic age cards are perfect for marking every milestone.

I was inspired to design this new range after taking a closer look at my previous collection of age cards. They are very colourful and the focus is on the number and floral design. So I felt compelled to reinvent them in the new style, featuring subtle and detailed designs. Each image accompanying the number has been carefully chosen to invoke the connotations of each age.

I’m always getting asked for age 65 too, as there seems to be a gap in the market for them, so I really enjoyed adding this milestone!

Additionally, each card is accompanied with a colored envelope that enhances the color in these beautiful and delicate designs. Look out for them, because they are hitting shelves in shops, throughout the UK and abroad!

Happy browsing and shopping,

Vicki xx


9th July 2012