How to make your own Christmas Card

We love sending and receiving cards- especially around this time of year… and nothing beats a handmade card! We are going to show you how to make your own Christmas card with this quick leaf design.

You will need:

- Card
- Scissors
- Leaf (preferably red, you can get these in craft shops or the garden!)
- Gold glitter glue
- Gold pen
- Ribbon
- Fine wire & Beads (Optional)
- PVA Glue

First start with the card- we work with square cards (12cmx12cm) for our little Christmas designs, but you can go bigger depending on the leaf! Lightly paint the leaf with the glitter and leave to dry.

Whilst this is drying make a little bow out of the ribbon. We used a cream colour as it looks good with the red and gold.

The next step is optional, we feel it adds that extra special detail but it looks good without too! Take the wire (we used gold to match the rest of the card) and bend it into a few circles as pictured- you can create this effect by wrapping it around a pen or pencil. Thread the beads through the wire.

Now for assembling the card! Draw a box of 3 cm squared in the middle and give it a thick gold outline. Then, around this box write your message. We went for ‘Merry Christmas’ but other sentiments will work here. This box also helps to get your leaf in the centre so it looks nice and tidy.

When the leaf is dry, stick it neatly to the card, then glue the wire and bow to where the stem meets the bottom of the leaf and voila… your card is good to go!

This is quite a simple design so will be fun to play around with. If you have paints why not try some other colours and shapes in the centre?

Enjoy xx