Card of the week, handmade dragonflies

handmade cards - dragonflies

Our next favourite card to be picked was our handmade ‘dragonfly’ design, chosen by Des Gwinnell.

So, where did the inspiration come from?!

About ten years ago, a friend and I were traveling through the outback of Australia in our hired camper van, which was like being on a dragonfly safari! There were hundreds of them, all big and colourful…and close up! (We regrettably couldn’t avoid killing a few on the grill of our van, so this design is dedicated to all those dragonflies who lost their lives to our travels!). They were so amazing to look at though, especially the intricacy of their wings, so I thought the memory of these delicate dragonflies would suit the enchantment collection perfectly. I took pencil to paper to get as much detail to the wing as possible, and added the pattern in the lily pads to give it some depth.

Its romantic enough for engagement/wedding etc, but versatile enough for birthday, thank you, or just to tell someone you’re thinking of them. A winner all round I think!

A big thank you to Des Gwinnell for choosing our dragonfly, we hope you enjoyed your free card for entering the competition! xx

6th December 2011