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Christmas…In April?

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Well, maybe not outside, as we are just heading into springtime weather, but in the office, we have just come out with our 2016 Christmas designs, and it has all of us here at CC in the merry holiday spirit. We know, we are a bit early!

But after much anticipation, we simply had to share this lovely seasonal collection with you.

Here are some of the designs from our 2016 collection, Simply Christmas.



We asked our Twitter followers and Facebook friends which design they liked best, and the reindeer card was voted customer favourite. We think this design is marvellous as well, and we are happy you like it.

The entire 12 design collection is now available on our website, so be sure to check it out and order your Christmas stock!

Here at CC we love getting feedback on our designs and products, so please keep in touch and let us know what you think.

xx Clear Creations Team

We’re back, and we are busy!

Friday, April 1st, 2016

Hello! After our year long hiatus from posting on the blog we have finally returned with many exciting updates to share! So much has happened at Clear Creations since this time last year.

In January we introduced a line of gift wrap! We have so many beautiful and fun designs. They make for beautiful packaging for gifts and they have been a success with our customers as well.

Not only have we delved into exploring gift wrap designs, but we have also produced a new collection. Entitled the Lola Pats collection, we are in love with the bright patterns and fun colours that match the gift wrap line!

Our spring agenda is fully booked, what with preparing for the PG live trade show in May, and introducing a new springtime collection. And while it may seem a little early, we are beginning to think about 2016 Christmas designs too. We can’t wait to share our new creations with you!

As far as office updates, Maizie, our daily inspiration and favourite cocker spaniel, turned two, and she still enjoys curling up in a chair with anyone who will have her.

Check back again soon for more updates on the upcoming collections and shows! We love hearing from you so please keep in touch and give us your feedback!


Team CC xx

Love Cake?

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Spring is coming! There’s fresh green shoots sprouting in the parks and the sun has been shining for us.

This week I took another shot at vegan baking. I’ve tried a few times before but the results have usually been flat, dense and not as delicious as I had hoped. This time the idea was to try something experimental. We’ve all got a sweet tooth here at Clear Creations HQ and to stop us snacking on naughty biscuits I wanted to bring in something a little more healthy. They came out beautifully, as you can see below, and were quite scrumptious. I used all natural ingredients: butter was replaced with avocado, and desiccated coconut and almond powder replaced most of the sugar. Crushed cacao nibs gave them a slightly crunchy texture and the bright green frosting is avocado too… Dairy, egg and guilt free treats!

It would seem that our love for cakes has managed to work its way into many Clear Creations cards. Here’s a gorgeous sketch by Kate, her doodles are always so delicately detailed and they look good enough to eat! You can see how she used this in our ‘Special Sister’ card from the Maizie May range here. The collection features all sorts of quirky illustrations, which is what makes it so charming.

There are so many blogs dedicated to the art of baking and decorating these little beauties, and we have lots of fun imagining and designing them for our lovely cards. Here’s a snapshot of some of our newest designs featuring cupcakes.

If you want to see more like this, type ‘cupcake’ into the search bar on the homepage, and while you’re there don’t forget to check out the offers section where there’s a £1 sale going on!

We will be delighting you with more home baking posts soon so stay tuned. For now lots of love,

Team CC xx

Clear Creations in Progressive Greetings

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

We’ve been featured twice in the January edition of Progressive Greetings magazine!

What a great start to the year. Our first mention is in the innovations section with one of our newest collections- Essential Delicates. This range went down a treat at the Top Drawer launch last September and since then we have expanded it to twenty four designs. It’s an occasions range featuring wedding,  engagement, birthday, sympathy, pregnancy and new baby cards.  At Top Drawer just gone we unveiled eight new designs for Essential Delicates and they’ve been selling like hot cakes! Here we are with a little bio for the collection:

Feature in “Innovations”

We were mentioned again in the “What’s Hot?” feature, where we represent the contemporary section. We are especially grateful to Sue Miller from Joyce’s With Best Wishes for recommending our cards as some of her best sellers. If you happen to be passing through Lingfield, why not stop by her shop for a cup of tea and a chat. The Elly Jane’s are so well loved that we decided to add another six designs, which were also unveiled at Top Drawer. You can read about our show experience here.

“What’s Hot” Feature

The bicycle birthday is our hottest card at the moment, followed by our ‘My Dear Friend’ from Maizie May:


CL1924 and CL2111

January has already flown by, and we feel that this has been a really positive start to 2015. We have so many ideas for growing the business this year, and it’s wonderful to start with such lovely feedback. We’ve already made good progress on a splendid new ages collection-which will be coming out next month so stay tuned for that. For now, we are off to Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham, which is a huge international trade show taking place this weekend.

If you want to read the magazine, you can see the online version here.

Top Drawer

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Happy 2015 everybody!

Before breaking up in December we were working our woolly socks off to get all of our fantastic new deigns ready for Top Drawer- so you can imagine how knackered we felt… Christmas was a well earned rest indeed!

When we got back in January the first week was gone in a flash! Friday came and we went over to Olympia with paintbrushes in hand to set up the stand. Our spot was at the back of Greetings & Stationery with the central aisle right in front of us, which was great because it made our stand highly visible. We painted the back wall grey, with white shelves and sides to best show off our collections. It took a day of manual labour but we think the results were rather fetching!

The back wall of our stand featuring: Enchantment, Elly Jane, Maizie May, Essential Delicates and notelets.

Here we launched our latest collection Maizie May which primarily features relations. It’s the first text led collection for Clear Creations, yet maintains our characteristic delicate details and gorgeous palette. As well as this range of eighteen designs we also had new additions to the ever popular Elly Jane and Essential Delicates. The last few months of 2014 saw three new collections for us so it was incredibly exciting to be able to showcase them all together for the first time.

Close up of the new ‘Maizie May’ collection

I came to help out on Sunday where we had lots of new and existing customers come over for a chat and an order. We think it’s really important to build up a strong relationship with all of our customers and it’s also helpful to give each other feed back on how the cards are doing. Plus we love to have a little gossip!

Vicki taking an order

Not only did we take new orders from new customers all over the country, we also managed to expand our international portfolio.  We picked up some great new leads, and overall we had a very successful show and left it feeling motivated and energised.

Middle row: Latest additions to Elly Jane

When we got back to the studio everyone felt inspired and it was straight into designing the next collection, which we will update you on shortly. We’re off to Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham at the end of the month so if you missed us at Top Drawer please do come by. The stand is number 4J09.

How to make your own Christmas Card

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

We love sending and receiving cards- especially around this time of year… and nothing beats a handmade card! We are going to show you how to make your own Christmas card with this quick leaf design.

You will need:

- Card
- Scissors
- Leaf (preferably red, you can get these in craft shops or the garden!)
- Gold glitter glue
- Gold pen
- Ribbon
- Fine wire & Beads (Optional)
- PVA Glue

First start with the card- we work with square cards (12cmx12cm) for our little Christmas designs, but you can go bigger depending on the leaf! Lightly paint the leaf with the glitter and leave to dry.

Whilst this is drying make a little bow out of the ribbon. We used a cream colour as it looks good with the red and gold.

The next step is optional, we feel it adds that extra special detail but it looks good without too! Take the wire (we used gold to match the rest of the card) and bend it into a few circles as pictured- you can create this effect by wrapping it around a pen or pencil. Thread the beads through the wire.

Now for assembling the card! Draw a box of 3 cm squared in the middle and give it a thick gold outline. Then, around this box write your message. We went for ‘Merry Christmas’ but other sentiments will work here. This box also helps to get your leaf in the centre so it looks nice and tidy.

When the leaf is dry, stick it neatly to the card, then glue the wire and bow to where the stem meets the bottom of the leaf and voila… your card is good to go!

This is quite a simple design so will be fun to play around with. If you have paints why not try some other colours and shapes in the centre?

Enjoy xx

Clear Creations Christmas Outing

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Tis the season for Christmas parties but we decided to go for something different to the traditional pub piss up and booked ourselves onto the Strawberry Hill Twilight Tour. Okay so we did get a few fruity cocktails beforehand with our Thai dinner, and upon arrival at the house we were handed a glass of Prosecco….. Strawberry Hill actually stock our cards and we have wanted to come and see the house for a while so it was a great opportunity!

The mood was perfectly apt for a gothic tour. It had been raining all day; the eerie streets surrounding the house were gloomy with mist and littered with sodden leaves. The house stands magnificent and white agains its green grounds and from the outset you become aware that this is a building which has been immaculately designed. We entered though the hall into the great parlour and had a short introduction to the history of the house which is the master creation of Horace Walpole.

Walpole had impeccable attention to detail and had every inch of the interior designed to the gothic aesthetic. The house features ornate carpentry, fashioned ceilings and intricate fireplaces. Our tour was (electric) candle lit to keep to the theme and as we passed different features, such as the carved gazelles which sit upon every corner of the staircase, our guide explained the influence behind these.

Team CC in the Hallway, wrapped up for the winter!

The library has spectacular arched bookshelves which swing open to allow you to reach the upper books and influences for this room include St Paul’s. Westminster abbey and Canterbury Cathedral. The walls were once covered with art works, curiosities and portraits collected and proudly displayed by Walpole.

From the library we passed through to the gallery which is hung with sumptuous crimson damask and has an extravagant gold and cream  gilded ceiling which we were astonished to be told was made out of papier mâché! Whilst the house was being used by St Mary’s University College this was the art room… imagine painting in there!

A little door at the end to the right takes you through to the Tribune which was filled with Walpole’s most valued treasures- sadly since sold on leaving the walls and cabinets bare. The room remains magnificent however- the roof design was taken from the chapter house at York with gilded ornaments and the star at the point made from yellow glass to cast golden light on the room. Walpole’s passion for fine detail really gives you the feeling that he wanted this house to be a theatrical experience.

We saw the rest of the rooms upstairs- one painted a vibrant blue, another hung again in the crimson silk damask, then headed down a steep spiral staircase to conclude the tour. We didn’t get to see the grounds unfortunately due to the miserable weather, but will definitely come back when they’re open in March for a day time tour. We want to see the Dutch painted (not stained!) glass and check out our cards in the gift shop! It’s not your conventional do but we had a great time soaking up some history and getting some inspiration. If you want to do the tour or see the house for yourself, check out their events here. The Clear Creations Christmas Outing was great fun, I wonder what we will do next year!

Happy Christmas!

Team CC xx

Clear Creations greetings cards raises a phenomenal £1100 for the Mercury Phoenix trust!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

The point of ‘Freddie for a day’ is to raise awareness of the disease and help raise money to fight it – something I think is a great cause and should be supported as much as possible!

So, for the first time in my 36 years, I set off with my needle and cotton (and some eyelets, fabric, buckles and ribbon!) and started making his costume from the 1986 Wembley gig. I decided that dressing as him on a normal day at the office might be wasted as not too many people would get to see me, so off to Broadway Market where we hold a stall every Saturday I toddled.

The amount of people who did see me, and laughed at me, was pretty embarrasing and nerve racking, but quite honestly…worth every minute! Along side laughs and dancing to Queen music, people donated SO generously and I even got featured on the ‘Freddie for a day’ website as their first Freddie in 2012!

Having fun whilst selling our product and raising money for such a worthy cause has really been a highlight for Clear Creations greetings cards in 2012. It has born the idea of us creating ‘charity’ cards to help other organisations, so watch this space in 2013 for the first steps to that happening.

If you would like to support our cause, please sponsor us at;

Lots of love

Vicki xx


Exciting new cards!

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Lovingly hand-finished with sparkling Swarovski crystals, these chic age cards are perfect for marking every milestone.

I was inspired to design this new range after taking a closer look at my previous collection of age cards. They are very colourful and the focus is on the number and floral design. So I felt compelled to reinvent them in the new style, featuring subtle and detailed designs. Each image accompanying the number has been carefully chosen to invoke the connotations of each age.

I’m always getting asked for age 65 too, as there seems to be a gap in the market for them, so I really enjoyed adding this milestone!

Additionally, each card is accompanied with a colored envelope that enhances the color in these beautiful and delicate designs. Look out for them, because they are hitting shelves in shops, throughout the UK and abroad!

Happy browsing and shopping,

Vicki xx


9th July 2012

Rediscovering my old handmade cards

Thursday, June 21st, 2012









Whilst tidying the office I came across a few of my old handmade cards from many moons ago. Memories came flooding back of all the hours I had spent cutting, sticking and drawing! The animal cards were one of my favourites, but easily the most time consuming as each piece of foam was cut separately to assemble their bodies, before I could finish them with goggle eyes and drawn detail.  I also happily passed the time tying bows, bending wire and writing messages for the more ‘pretty and delicate’ designs.

I have always loved making cards; a hobby that enabled me to provide family and friends with cards for all occasions over the years. My style has definitely developed since the old days, but it’s nice to stumble upon a few old favourites, and although days are still spent glittering and crystal finishing, (which I don’t want to leave behind!) I’m glad my illustration skills have been able to develop my hobby into a successful business!

Hope you have found this as fun to read as I did in making them!

Vicki xx

21st June 2012

Clear Creations handmade greeting cards loyalty scheme

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Clear Creations is excited to announce the launch of our new loyalty points program. We want to show a huge thank you to all our loyal customers (and we are pleased to say there are a lot of you out there!). Loyalty points are a way for you to get lots of goodies as a reward for supporting us.

You will be able to earn these points through a number of ways. Signing up to our newsletter, liking us on Facebook, sharing our photos, following us on Twitter and tweeting about us are just some of them. The more points you earn the more gifts you get!

To get things started, we are offering the chance to win an array of prizes. There is a gorgeous box set of 10 handmade greeting cards, allowing you to choose your favourite designs to suit all occasions. You can also win a free year’s subscription to Clear Creations, giving you two free cards a month! Additionally, we are offering a £5 gift voucher to spend in our online store.

This is just the beginning of our loyalty scheme. We want you to share the love and enjoy little gifts from us to make you smile, so just follow the steps illustrated below to start earning Clear Creations handmade greeting cards points!

Happy Collecting!

Vicki xx




Record Breaking Sales for Clear Creations!

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Broadway Market & UK trade sales

Six years ago, I started out at my mum’s kitchen table making cards for friends and their colleagues, which I have now grown to wholesaling throughout the UK and internationally. Now based in North London, with a small team of four, Clear Creations has just seen record breaking sales for 2012 with UK stockists and our much loved Broadway Market!

In January we exhibited at Top Drawer, one of the biggest trade shows featuring design led products for buyers in the UK. We gained 25 brand new stockists and received 33 orders from past and existing customers! As we’ve also been adding to our UK sales team, we only hope sales continue to grow!

Since the kitchen table days, I’ve also been trading at Broadway Market in East London every saturday and it’s with a HUGE thanks to our regular customers for making that happen. They help us ascertain which designs are going to be best sellers and give me ideas for upcoming ranges. It’s for our regular customers I keep going back to the market, as they give me invaluable market research, but just as importantly, they are lovely people that I enjoy catching up with! Broadway has become an extremely popular and trendy market, becoming a huge attraction for Hackney, so it’s with the success of Broadway and our ever growing collections that sales have also been record breaking for the beginning of 2012. I look forward to meeting new customers and continue trading there.

It’s definitely exciting times for Clear Creations and we’re confident that with the new designs we’ll be adding, 2012 is going to be a brilliant one! xx

6th March 2012