Love Cake?

Spring is coming! There’s fresh green shoots sprouting in the parks and the sun has been shining for us.

This week I took another shot at vegan baking. I’ve tried a few times before but the results have usually been flat, dense and not as delicious as I had hoped. This time the idea was to try something experimental. We’ve all got a sweet tooth here at Clear Creations HQ and to stop us snacking on naughty biscuits I wanted to bring in something a little more healthy. They came out beautifully, as you can see below, and were quite scrumptious. I used all natural ingredients: butter was replaced with avocado, and desiccated coconut and almond powder replaced most of the sugar. Crushed cacao nibs gave them a slightly crunchy texture and the bright green frosting is avocado too… Dairy, egg and guilt free treats!

It would seem that our love for cakes has managed to work its way into many Clear Creations cards. Here’s a gorgeous sketch by Kate, her doodles are always so delicately detailed and they look good enough to eat! You can see how she used this in our ‘Special Sister’ card from the Maizie May range here. The collection features all sorts of quirky illustrations, which is what makes it so charming.

There are so many blogs dedicated to the art of baking and decorating these little beauties, and we have lots of fun imagining and designing them for our lovely cards. Here’s a snapshot of some of our newest designs featuring cupcakes.

If you want to see more like this, type ‘cupcake’ into the search bar on the homepage, and while you’re there don’t forget to check out the offers section where there’s a £1 sale going on!

We will be delighting you with more home baking posts soon so stay tuned. For now lots of love,

Team CC xx