Rediscovering my old handmade cards









Whilst tidying the office I came across a few of my old handmade cards from many moons ago. Memories came flooding back of all the hours I had spent cutting, sticking and drawing! The animal cards were one of my favourites, but easily the most time consuming as each piece of foam was cut separately to assemble their bodies, before I could finish them with goggle eyes and drawn detail.  I also happily passed the time tying bows, bending wire and writing messages for the more ‘pretty and delicate’ designs.

I have always loved making cards; a hobby that enabled me to provide family and friends with cards for all occasions over the years. My style has definitely developed since the old days, but it’s nice to stumble upon a few old favourites, and although days are still spent glittering and crystal finishing, (which I don’t want to leave behind!) I’m glad my illustration skills have been able to develop my hobby into a successful business!

Hope you have found this as fun to read as I did in making them!

Vicki xx

21st June 2012