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a little about us

Our journey begins when founder Victoria Prior, spent hours drawing and making cards from when she was a young child. It wasn't until many moons later that she turned her passion for illustration and paper into a business.
After graduating in 2007 with a degree in Graphic design and traveling the globe, she went to the Princes Trust panel, where she acquired a small loan. Enabling her to complete her first trade show and print her first range of cards.

Beginning to sell to independent and large retail chains across the UK, it led to international export, establishing our trade business.

Thirteen years on and we've now launched our site to bring our beautiful stationery directly to you. Set up in our Brighton office's we work tirelessly to bring out fresh new designs that remain in keeping with our classic and delicate look.

A far cry from the humble beginnings of the kitchen table all those years ago!


Clear Creations isn't just a stationery company but a celebration of inspiring life stories for people and other women who have followed their dreams and turned their passions into reality.​We represent a celebration of that magical moment and achievement in your life, a memory too cherish-able to forget. We want to share that milestone with you and help create unforgettable memories.​Our classic and delicate designs are symbolic of inspiring women who tackle the challenges in their everyday lives with a sense of elegance and grace.​We want to hear your stories - from people of all walks of life. It could provide the inspiration that someone else is looking for to create their journey.​

Send your stories to:

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Delighted to meet you!

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